We can build the movement for housing reform by learning more about the challenges and solutions, getting involved locally, and connecting with others. If you haven’t already been engaged with these issues, here are three ways you can get started:

Learn more

To create real housing reform, we need to understand housing problems in the US and the strategies we can use to fix them. You can learn more about housing problems and solutions that have proven themselves in the real world by going to our learning page, where we’ve put together a range of resources, including a podcast series, interviews, book reviews, and more!

Get involved

We maintain a directory of organizations that work on housing issues at local, state, and national levels. You can get involved by contacting an organization and learning about their work, events, and opportunities for getting involved. You can support this mission by providing information on organizations that should be on this list to: orgs@housing4.us

Contact us

Let us know that you’re interested! Reach out to us via the email addresses on the homepage and follow us on Twitter (@urgent_possible). We’re excited to hear about what you’re doing in your community and how we can help!