The biggest obstacle in the way of housing reform is that too many people do not realize how bad our housing system is. Too many do not realize that the problems they have faced are systemic problems facing tens of millions of others, and they don’t realize that there is an alternative to our current housing system.


Our 4-episode podcast was created to be a crash course to get anyone quickly up to speed on housing reform. The entire series is just ten hours long, so anyone can become knowledgable about housing issues with a relatively small investment of time.

Our ongoing podcast, Housing for Us, is also designed to be very approachable for those with little knowledge of housing issues.

We stand behind our resources and think they are worthy of you sharing with others–via social media feeds or reaching out directly.


Better yet, have a conversation with someone. We have some conversation aids to help you remember .


If you have the ability to organize a presentation to a group of people, why not educate them about housing issues? We have created some template presentation slides based on the Housing for All podcast. If you have listened to the podcast, you will have no trouble using these slides to aid in an informative presentation. We release almost all of our content under a Creative Commons license, so you are free to change these slides however you want — just make sure you are clear to everyone where you got the slides — the last slide in each presentation is all you need.